NEGOTIATIONS are underway with the Balearic government, to allow the sale of toboacco in petrol stations, according to Alejandro Moratilla, chairman of Aevecar, the association which governs the sale of petrol. He said that the ban on tobacco sales, a result of the Balearic and Spanish governments' tough anti smoking laws, has hit the convenience stores at the petrol stations. Moratilla said that tobacco was one of the main “attractions” of these shops, and since sales were banned, fewer people bothered to use the shops, especially at night. In addition to the Balearics, talks are also being held with the regional governments of Valencia, Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Andalucia.
Moratilla said he hoped that they would all agree to allow tobacco sales, although he admitted it was more likely that some would and some woudn't.
His organisation represents more than 3'000 petrol stations all over Spain and has been seeking a meeting with the central government to discuss the matter for the past two months.