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THE Balearics have long been the favourite Spanish holiday spot for British tourists, and for people from the islands seeking to make a new life elsewhere, the United Kingdom is their top choice in Europe.

This was revealed during the May 27 elections, when the numbers of people who lived abroad but were eligible to vote here were released.
But just as the turn out here was low, particularly among foreigners who had the right to vote in the municipal elections, only 23 per cent of the people living abroad bothered to register for a postal vote.

The percentage of those living in the United Kingdom was even lower -- just 88 people out of a possible 716 or 12.29 per cent.
The situation in Germany was similar, only 89 out of 622 possible voters, 14.31 per cent of the total, took advantage of the possibility of a postal vote.

Residents of France were more civic minded -- 168 out of a total of 664 voted, representing 25.30 per cent.
In Belgium, the proportion was 24.40 per cent (41 out of a possible 168).
A total of 467 people from the Balearics live in the United States, but only 29 or 6.21 per cent bothered to vote.
Many people from the Balearics choose to live in South America, Argentina having the highest number of possible voters, 3'379 of whom 1'296 or 38.35 per cent sent in a postal ballot.

In Venezuela, only 111 of 679 possible voters (16.35 per cent) exercised their right, while in Uruguay, the percentage was 15.38 per cent (72 out of a possible 468).

In Cuba, 65 out of 294 possible voters (22.11 per cent) sent a postal ballot, and in Chile the figure was 55 out of 245 (22.45 per cent).
The total number of Balearic residents living abroad worldwide with the right to vote was 10'469, and 2'401 of them or just under 23 per actually did so, the figures show.


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