by Staff Reporter

FRANCINA Armengol, the new president of the Council of Majorca, said that the islands' governing bodies would be “valiant” in the decisions they make on plans for the seafront and the new national health hospital at Son Espases, but that they would also be “realistic.” She said that the three institutions involved in the projects -- the Palma city council, Council of Majorca and the Balearic government -- are committed to studying the current situation, adding “we will be valiant when it comes to deciding.” She went on to say that they would fulfil their promises and put general interest before private interests. “Obviously,” she went on, ” we will also be realistic and observe what financial difficulties there may be for the public coffers and we will take our decisions from there.” The plans for the seafront and the hospital were drawn up by the Partido Popular (PP), who favoured the demolition of the GESA building, while the socialists want to save it.

The socialists also want fewer blocks of luxury flats and more green zones on the sea front.
As to Ses Espases, the socialists favour upgrading Son Dureta hospital rather than building a new one. In both cases, the new governing bodies will have to take into consideration any compensation which may have to be paid to the promoters if the plans are changed.

Armengol was speaking on her first day in office. She is the first socialist to hold the post and said that she had “deep respect for all the people who have presided the Council.” She wanted to “take the best” from previous legislatures and to listen before making decisions.
Armengol described her Council as “a very solid team.” She said the Council would modify the Territorial Plan and will negotiate with the Partido Popular to win its backing for the modifications, so that decisions of such importance, which affect the growth and development of the island, will have continuity in future legislatures, no matter which party is at the helm. Plans for the Inca-Manacor motorway and the second ring road of Palma will also be dropped from the Roads Plan. The ring road will be replaced by improvements to accesses to put an end to tail backs, although the only real solution is “a good public transport network.”