NEW passenger security controls were introduced at Palma airport yesterday reducing access to the departure floor to non-boarding card holders while reducing queues and creating more space for passengers. The new security controls are now located at the top of the stairs and escalators which carry passengers up from the check-in floor to departures.
As the above graphic shows, the Duty Free shop, bars and restaurants are now inside the secure zone. The new security controls were put into operation after the final preparations were carried out through the night on Wednesday.
Initially, the new security controls were not due to have been moved until next month but with Palma airport expecting to handle a record number of passengers this summer, the airport authority AENA decided the move would be best carried out sooner rather than later.
The two main benefits for departing passengers is that more controls will be available, 16 in total at any one time and a maximum of 20 if necessary, so less time will be lost queuing to pass through the security filters and x-ray scans. Once in the secure zone, passengers will have more exclusive room to shop and relax prior to boarding their flights.
With the summer on the eve of reaching its peak over the next few weeks, airport authorities want to make sure that the millions of passengers using Palma airport this summer are “comfortable and safe”.
The new system also means that passengers will be able to shop at greater leisure without having to allow for time to pass through the security controls.
This weekend, Palma's Son San Joan airport is preparing to handle an estimated 400'000 passengers.
Last weekend 328.000 passengers used Palma airport with air traffic control handling over 2'000 flights.
While flight numbers are slightly down on last year, passenger figures are up and the steady increase is forecast to continue over the summer.