A department of Palma City Council aiming to ensure quality in service to the public, has started to work on a draft list of professional objectives to which Neighbourhood Police need to be committed.

In order to reach as much consensus as possible, the department has been consulting representatives of different associations to find out their views, and what their needs and expectations are concerning the Neighbourhood Police.

Palma Council has confirmed that the first of such meetings took place on Tuesday this week at the Flassaders Centre, where advice was sought from residents associations and pensioners' groups.

The next three consultations will take place in September and will involve representatives from immigrant, business and hoteliers' associations, as well as community liaison leaders from schools and colleges.

In addition to confirming needs and expectations of the Neighbourhood Police, these meetings will provide a chance for participants to express their level of satisfaction with the service, and by extension, with the City Council itself.

Questionnaires will be handed out to attendees so that they can comment freely in the full knowledge that their anonymity will be respected.
Topics addressed in the questionnaire will include key issues such as how much do the association representatives believe that the presence of the Neighbourhood Police contribute to citizen security and what is their opinion on the effectiveness of the patrols undertaken by the Neighbourhood Police.

Other subjects to be broached are to what extent does the policing respond to the needs of the neighbourhood and what part do the police play in solving local conflicts. Attendees will be able to comment on whether or not the police make adequate mention of the needs of the local community to appropriate authorities.

The Council said yesterday that the drafting of the Neighbourhood Police commitment is part of its drive to improve quality of service to the public.


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