Staff Reporter

AINA Calvo, the new Mayor of Palma, said yesterday that the temporary suspension of the remodelling works on Palma sea front, which was approved at a council meeting yesterday morning, “will not have economic consequences”, after the Partido Popular spokesperson, Catalina Cirer, asked about the cost of the stoppage.

The exchange was made during the debate before the approval of the temporary suspension of the works.
During her speech, Calvo said that the declaration of the Gesa building as a Catalogued Heritge Item was the “motivation” to temporarily suspend the refurbishment of the sea front, while the ex Mayor, Catalina Cirer, asked for “a more complete report of the project”.

The Mayor recalled that the suspension of the project “gives time” to “redefine” the project and put in place “legal and economic securities” to go ahead with the remodelling. With regard to this, she announced that there would be “the maximum transparency and information” about the project.

The spokesperson for the UM (Majorcan Unionists), Miquel Nadal, said he considered that the area should be “converted into a park”, a point which Cirer wanted clarified.

With regard to this, Calvo said that, in spite of the “Nadal proposal” there still has to be a study of the new plan where there will be more “green areas and public spaces”, and which will start a period of debate.

Another councillor expressed his satisfaction at the fact that the second meeting of the new council had tackled the subject of the sea front. Elsewhere, during an extraordinary general meeting of EMAYA (Palma's water and rubbish removal company), Cristina Cerdo was named as President of the Board of Directors and Miquel Nadal was named Vice President. During the meeting, the creation and composition of the Commissions was also approved.