Palma.—A report out from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) said yesterday that in Spain as a whole, 10.9 percent more tourists had visited the country last month than in 2010. But it was the Balearics that did better than any other region with a foreign visitor headcount registering 19.1 percent more than a year ago.

The British and Germans apparently gave the tourist industry the boost it needed, said the INE, to the point where there was temptation to think there was no crisis in the sector at all. Overnight stays by people from Germany increased by 20 percent and by the British by 8.3 percent in comparison with June 2010, the INE said.

The Institute's findings reveal that there were 30.6 million overnight stays registered at hotels in Spain last month, confirming the 10.9 percent increase over June 2010, while prices dropped - by just 0.1 percent.

Whilst foreign visitors increased at a national level by 18.1 percent in comparison with a year previously, the Spanish proved less inclined to travel and their overnight stays fell on a year-on-year basis by 0.7 percent.

The picture is slightly different when the success of the Spanish tourist industry in June is seen as an integral part of the overview of the first six months of this year.

Although there were more overnight stays at hotels around the country last month, the increase in comparison to June 2010 was just 6.9 percent. Also on the upturn was the average length of visitors' stay. Last month the figure was 3.5 nights per tourist, an increase of 2.3 percent in comparison with June 2010.

Star billing
Billing per room was 66.4 euros on average last month, (0.4 euros more than in June 2010) while hotel income per room averaged out at 41.3 euros (3 euros more than in June 2010).

Although, it terms of absolute numbers it was unquestionably the British and the Germans who were the star billing last month, there were dramatic rises in the volume of visitors from other client countries. For instance the year on year increase in the number of overnight stays made by the French, Italians and Russians last month registered year-on-year increases of 26.3%, 24% and 72.8 percent respectively.

The Balearics was the destination most sought after in Spain by foreign tourists whilst Spaniards preferred Andalucia, Catalonia and Valencia. The Balearics was also the region with the highest hotel occupancy rate for June this year ... 82 percent ... followed at a distance by the Canary Islands with 64.3%. Majorca registered 6.2 million overnight stays, with Santanyi boasting an occupancy level of 94.4% last month.