By Humphrey Carter

THE British-founded Centro Canino animal shelter is facing one of its biggest battles since moving to its new location on the outskirts of Palma six years ago.

Last week, Palma City Council issued the animal refuge with a warning that it intends to remove all the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and volunteers and supporters of the shelter had expected the Local Police and members of Palma's Green Patrol to turn up yesterday to remove the animals. Vice-president Julie Ford said last night that the council has postponed its actions until Friday, or any day after. “We've made it clear that no animals are going to removed without a court order,” she stressed. “It's pure persecution. It's all over allegations that the animals make too much noise at night but, as we've made clear time and time again, they are kept in soundproofed kennels during the night,” she said. “But, what makes this problem so critical this time around is that all of the island's animal shelters are full, Son Reus can hardly cope, and we're continuing to have pets literally dumped on our door step by people who can either no longer afford to keep their pet or have been forced to return to the UK by the recession,” she said. “Previously, we've moved the pets to a local kennels, but that's full. This time around we really need all the help we can get. “A few people did turn up yesterday to foster or adopt some of the animals but we're really facing serious crisis again and it's very stressful for the animals,” she underlined. “Considering the increase of pets being abandoned because of the recession, we would have expected Palma Council to have taken up our invitation or working with us in the best interests of the animals, not trying to close us down again,” she said.


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