Palma.—Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union if the Conservatives win the next general election.

And, coinciding with an informal meeting with the Conservative Member of the European Parliament for East Anglia Robert Sturdy in Palma yesterday, the Bulletin posed the question, should Britain leave the European Union to some of the expatriate residents and Spanish politicians who attended the gathering at the Gran Hotel.

Ronald Hawes, one of the people attending the lecture yesterday, said that he is in favour of the European Union, however he claimed it is extremely difficult to give a straight yes or no answer because it is difficult to be in favour of the project as a Briton taking into account how euro sceptic much of Britain is.

Francesca Bennassar, a former centre right Partido Popular Balearic MEP said; “the EU is a huge project, it has its light side but also a dark side which needs to be reformed”. But she did say that “it is the best thing for Britain”.

Two people taking part in the discussion but who wished to remain anonymous, were convinced that the UK should leave the European Union and believed that the whole thing was a “shambles” and that the EU was a waste of Britain's economy.

David Hammond, stated that he “honestly couldn't care”, and told the Bulletin that everyone should stop going on about the EU and stop “winging”.
However, in answer to the question, he said that the UK should not leave the EU in the circumstances, “it is a good concept”.
Ivan Lythgoe, the Chairman of the Conservatives Abroad Majorca, decided that the EU was necessary for business in the UK, “the EU works very well,” he said.

The latest opinion polls in the United Kingdom show that 82% of people would like a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.
This demonstrates how vital the EU is for the UK and how the Britons wish to be a part of Europe.
Read Sunday's Bulletin for a full interview with Robert Sturdy and his thoughts on Europe.


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