“Nits a la Fresca” or “Nights in the Open Air” is a series of summer cultural events organized by the Town Hall of Palma.
For the month of August, a total of 40 activities are planned involving cinema, theatre, dance and music which will take place at a selection of key traditional sites in the city. The councillor responsible for Citizen Activity and Entertainment, María José Frau, yesterday presented the night-time schedule that Palma's municipality has arranged for the month of August. The programme includes contributions from the winners of the “Young Musicians” competition to be held in the Parque del Mar. An added attraction is the 33rd International “Summer Serenade” Festival which uses the splendid backdrop of the Castillo de Bellver as its setting. According to María José Frau, the Parque del Mar will also be the location for showings of popular commercial films such as “The Dream Hunter”, “The Gold of Moscow”, “Los Lunes al Sol”, “Mortadelo and Philemon” and “Matrix Reloaded”, amongst others
From the terrace of the Casal Solleric in the Passeig del Born visitors will be able to view four films in their original version that have recently won awards at international festivals. Examples are “Divine Intervention” and “Deep Crimson”, which were prize winners at Cannes and Venice, respectively. With regard to theatre, the Parque del Mar will host four performances by amateur companies while the Castillo de Bellver will witness the third season of Classic Theatre, staging two works based on texts by the 16th century English writer, William Shakespeare. This historical landmark is also where the “LLT”, la Lupe Teatro company, will present their spectacular “This is not my house”, combining dance and theatrical techniques. Town Councellor Frau pointed to high levels of public support for this seasons's “Nits a la Fresca”, up to 5000 in the Parque del Mar events. Separately, she quoted that municipal funds going towards the festival this year would be in the region of 270'000 euros.