MARIA Antonia Munar, ex President of the Balearic Parliament, of the Council of Majorca and of the Majorcan Unionist Party (UM), said yesterday in Court that neither she “nor anyone” received illegal payment for the sale of the Can Domenge property in Palma.

Munar, named as a person implicated in the corruption scandal, was in Court for two-and-a-half hours. She was questioned in a case that took place during the term of office of the previous Balearic government where members of UM were allegedly given “bribes” for the sale by the government of land in Palma known as Can Domenge. It was sold for half the 60 million euros offered for it by the Nuñez and Navarro group. It was this vast discrepancy in offer and final sale price that was the trigger for an investigation.

The ex President of the Council of Majorca, suspected of fraud and the trafficking of privileged information, defended the sale of the land and said she was “convinced” that she adhered “correctly” to the legal process. She added that “no one” neither in the opposition parties or other groups in the Council of Majorca said anything against the sale. “No one said that it was the wrong thing to do,” claimed Munar. According to ex Vice-President of the Council, Miquel Nadal (UM), it was Munar alone who spearheaded the sale of Can Domenge.

The final conditions of the property sale, in which there were 8 bids, said that the maximum amount for which the property could be sold stood at 30 million euros. Munar said that she didn't partake formally in ratifying the clauses of the conditions because she didn't attend any meetings which dealt with them.


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