By Ryan Harrison ITV'S new docu-soap “Parish in the Sun” has been in Majorca since April following Anglican Chaplain Reverend Robert Ellis and his parishers as they go about their everyday lives. Following months of successful filming, it has now been announced that the show has been bumped up to a prime time slot on the channel, guaranteeing it millions more viewers when it hits British screens. Producers yesterday revealed details of exactly what the show has caught on camera during it's stay on the island, including a privileged trip to Rome by Reverend Robert to see the Pope and a spin-off item that focuses on a recent production in Palma of the Rocky Horror Show. The 8-part series of half hour shows, being directed by award-winning British cameraman Simon Davis, will depict the day-to-day goings on of the Anglican Chaplaincy community, and will now appear at 5pm on Sunday afternoons in October. A move that will increase the pressure on the people being filmed, who will now know they can expect greater exposure to British audiences. The programme is currently under going a final edit, but there are many more events still to shoot for the rest of the summer. It has so far captured different weddings that have taken place, and the human stories behind them, and the arrival of a women priest from the Czech Republic who is here specifically to learn from Majorca's Reverend Robert Ellis. Robert was also involved with a trip to Rome as part of the Dioceses of Europe Annual Synode, one of the most important events in the Church's calender. Programme makers, Touch Production, said yesterday: “In the middle of June we took a trip over to Rome with Robert and ran around after him as he fulfilled his duties. Mostly it was him discussing the church's finances.” “We attended the general audience with the Pope and even gave him a wave. After we went out for a meal in Rome. You wouldn't ever imagine yourself sitting down to dinner with a load of vicars.” “The filming in Majorca so far has gone really smoothly. Everyone is very willing to for us to film their daily lives. When you're filming a show like this, that can be potentially intrusive, you have to build up a relationship of trust with people. That's what I hope we have done.” The crew also recently filmed at Majorca's Pirates Adventure charity night, and managed to grab interviews with celebrities who were enjoying the show, including Claire Sweeney, Peter Stringfellow, Dean Gaffney and Majorca resident Leapy Lee who starred in the BBC's “Passport To The Sun.” An ITV news crew arrives on the island today to film a series of daily news peices for ITV regional news in the Midlands and South West. Reporters Tom Parmenter and Neil Bradford and a camera crew will be travelling round Majorca, hopefully catching up with fellow Britons from the Midlands.