PALMA IF you feel that it's particularly hot at the moment, you're right. The Balearic Meteorological Office confirmed yesterday that temperatures being registered this week in Majorca are between three and five degrees above the average for this time of the year.

Weather centre chief Agusti Jansa said that whereas 30 or 31 degrees Celsius in Palma and 32 in the central areas of the Island are the norm for the latter part of July, midweek temperatures for both sectors were recorded at 35. Last Monday produced the hottest spots in Sa Pobla with a maximum of 36.5 degrees Celsius, lowering to 30.3 at Palma airport and in Mahon (Minorca) and Ibiza town on Ibiza.

Jansa said, however, that it is only Majorca which is suffering this intense heat in the Balearics. On Minorca, although thermometers are showing a slightly higher reading, it is only a difference of about one degree in comparison with previous years, and on Ibiza, temperatures are registering normally for the time of year. Jansa acknowledged that a public “yellow” alert should have been issued in the region regarding the high temperatures but it had not been considered necessary because of the forecast of a strong sea breeze. But it “hasn't been blowing to the intensity it should have done,” he added.