By Humphrey Carter THIS week's sudden change in the weather may have caused few problems on land but at sea, the Balearic air sea rescue service was on action stations. During the 24-hours between Monday lunch time and mid-day yesterday, the maritime rescue services were involved in 12 emergency situations, involving 36 people, across the Balearics. According to the Interior Ministry, only one person was injured and that was in Ibiza where a yacht with just two people on board, ran aground on Es Figuerla beach in heavy seas and high winds. Ibiza was in fact the worst hit by the snap in the weather. A Zodiac with two people on board and an 8-metre motor boat with four adults and five children, had to be both towed to safety after suffering engine problems off the island of Formentera. Four other vessels in various locations around Ibiza called for 112 emergency assistance after suffering engine problems. However, in Minorca a yacht needed to be rescued and towed to safety after its main sail broke. In the bay of Alcudia, another vessel also suffered serious damage to her sails and needed to be rescued. Weather conditions are forecast to improve this afternoon although, a few storms and outbursts of rain will linger this morning. The north easterly wind will be slight to moderate but those going sailing are advised to check the latest weather reports before they leave port.