by Irene Taylor
ONE of the most popular events on the island, which attracts more and more people each year, is the annual walk from the Plaza Güell in Palma to Lluc monastery, a distance of some 48 kilometres.
This year, pet owners are being encouraged to walk with their dogs in a reduced version: from Plaza Güell (Calle Aragon) to the Son Bonet aerodrome, a distance of just 4.5 kilometres.
The walk to Lluc was founded by Tolo Güell, a popular bar owner, and was originally completed by a small group of friends. But numbers have grown until the walkers are now counted in thousands.
Tolo and his group of organisers love animals, and that is why they are keen to get pet owners to join in.
This first “dogwalk” is also a promotion of canicross, a sport with its own European Federation and which will celebrate the first Canicross National Circuit with a stage in Palma in January 2007.
Canicross is described by enthusiasts as “a healthy fun sport in which both dog and owner enjoy the open air together, showing their sharing of feelings by means of such a natural and necessary activity for dogs as running.” Project Animal Culture, chaired by Fany Magraner is organising the canicross in Majorca and has the collaboration of the Friends of Animals group of Esporlas.

The dogwalk is run on the lines of the longer walk to Lluc, with plenty of water, and return transport at Son Bonet for those who want it. The dogs and owners will be placed at the rear of the main starting point and, of course, the animals will be on leashes and their excrements will be cleaned up.
There will be a diploma for the dogs and owners who complete the distance between Güell and Son Bonet.
Those who complete the walk to Lluc will also receive a diploma. There will be stands with water and fruit along the route, as well as fleets of cars to carry those who fall by the wayside back to Palma.
There will also be Red Cross volunteers out in force to provide medical attention, the most frequent problems being cramp and blisters.
The walk starts at 11pm on Saturday night.
Information on the walk to Lluc can be found on the website
Further information on the dogwalk can be found on


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