Majorca.— The number of people gambling in the Balearics has slumped leading to a decrease in government tax profits, it was announced yesterday.
By the end of 2008 authorities were collecting around 54 million euros in gambling taxes but last year figures were reduced to less than half (22 million).

These types of taxes involve, casinos, bingos and fruit machines.
Authorities confirmed there was a decline in interest in the activity leading to a progressive decrease in profits.
Since 2009 tax profits have slumped by around 18% (2010), 12% (2011) and 8% (2012). “High levels of unemployment, and the loss of spending power by many families has led them to rethink their priorities and cut down on some activities,” a government source said. The Balearic Association of Gambling warned that this is not positive for the island since the money going into the community has also gone down. “The decrease in the number of gambling machines and their taxes is causing concern. “Since 2007 the government has seen a reduction of almost 40% in earnings. This means 3.5 million euros less being invested in the region,” added the association.

Casinos have suffered from the crisis and tax authorities have seen their tax collection reduced to less than 50% since 2007.
Despite the negative figures, members of the Balearic Gambling Tax department said that during the Summer months, despite being short lived, the number of gamblers and income does tend to increase considerably.