THE “Ciclo de Poker de Ases 2006” hosted by the Gran Casino of Majorca, will end tonight with a performance by the dance company “Spirit of the Dance”, which will be performed from 10pm. The performance will be a mixture of traditional Irish culture and different musical styles from all around the world.
The Gran Casino explained that the show which this company will present will last two hours and combine bagpipe tunes with Scottish kilts, such as the number “Highland Fling”, and pastoral poems set to music, and “Hoe Down” which serves as a transition to the female dances. “Spirit of the Dance” has its headquarters in London and Dublin, from where six companies are managed.
Three of these are on permanent tour of the world, and the others are based in the United States, in the cities of Las Vegas, Branson and Myrtle Beach. The dancers alternate between working in these fixed points and dancing on the world tours. The dancers of the “International Irish Company”, which is in charge of the training and subsequent grooming to perfection of the 200 dancers of “Spirit of the Dance”, are mainly Irish and English. The leader of the group is the Irish dance champion Patricia Murray.
Since the formation of the company, eight years ago now, in the Hippodrome Theatre in Bristol, they have had record box office sales in 15 different countries with more than 25 million spectators. In addition to this, they have won nine international prizes, including best choreography and best international production.