THE Balearic Islands were the Spanish region where the percentage of unemployed people increased most in July, by some 5.85 percent (1'621 people more), according to figures from the Spanish ministry of labour.

Unemployment fell in July in eight regions, especially in Cantabria where it decreased by 3.91 percent; Castilla and Leon (3.28 percent); and Asturias (3.13 percent). Unemployment also fell in Ceuta and Melilla.

Throughout the whole of Spain unemployment rose in July by 4'469 people, some 0.23 percent more than in June, taking the total of people out of work to 1'970'338.

Unemployment also fell in Extremadura (2.55 percent), the Canary islands (2.52 percent), Galicia (2.21 percent), Madrid (0.17 percent) and Castilla La Mancha (0.15 percent), and also in the enclaves of Melilla (12.56 percent) and Ceuta (1.3 percent).

At the other end of the scale, as well as increasing in the Balearics, unemployment increased in Navarra by 5.67 percent, Catalonia (4.11 percent), Murcia (3.93 percent), the Basque region (1.79 percent), Aragon (1.62 percent), Andalucia (0.58 percent), Valencia (0.48 percent) and La Rioja (0.21 percent).

In absolute terms unemployment fell most in the Canaries (3'418 people less), followed by Castilla and Leon with 3'356 less, and Galicia with 3'158 less.

With regard to interannual figures, unemployment fell in 10 regions, the ministry report said.