Palma.— With Majorca having endured an intense heat wave and deep in recession, locals prefer to spend their holidays on the island with their families and enjoy the many beaches its 1.500km coast has to offer.

A report published yesterday by a beer company revealed that when the time comes to decide what to take to the beach, the list of items and their importance is clear.

Sunglasses are crucial and so are is sun cream (15%), a fan (14%) and...cold beer. “These figures show the popularity of beer in Spanish society. It's a drink that when drunk in moderation, not only helps to neutralise the effects of the heat but also helps people enjoy the company of friends and family. “And of course it helps all of us enjoy a better Summer,” said Jacobo Maranon, General Director of the country's beer producers' association.
Seven out of 10 citizens in the Balearics say that drinking beer is a regular activity for them adding that drinking it on the balcony (42%) makes it even better.

Despite enjoying drinking at home, the majority (87%), prefer to do it outdoors at their favourite bar, provided it has a terrace (54%), air conditioning (20%) and serve good cold beer. Going out at night and going to the swimming pool was also listed as some of favourite local activities. When it comes to holiday destinations, most prefer to stay on the island (77%), something that could be fuelled by the economic situation many families are going through, followed by visits to the Canary Islands (26%) or trips to other European capitals (25%).

One thing almost all seem to agree is the preference for holidays by the sea instead of the country side.


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