By Humphrey Carter and agencies

THE police are apparently looking for a female suspect in connection with the wave of ETA bombings on the island which killed two members of the Guardia Civil in Palmanova nearly two weeks ago and caused widespread chaos in and around Palma on Sunday.

Yesterday, the police also confirmed that the suspected gas explosion in the Bar Nica in Palma earlier on Sunday morning was in fact an explosive device and have attributed it to ETA which means that a total of four small explosive devices went off in the centre of Palma and in Portixol.

Government sources on Sunday did reveal that police were apparently looking for between four and six devices. Several witnesses have told police in recent days that they saw a suspected member of ETA, Itziar Moreno, whose photo has been distributed by police, near the police barracks where the deadly bombing took place.

Police are analysing the debris from Sunday's bombings to try to determine if the timers used in the bombs could have allowed the explosive devices to be planted several days in advance, giving the members of the outfit time to leave the island undetected.