Palma.—Police in Palma warned yesterday that following a successful crackdown on drug selling in the infamous city suburb of Son Banya, sale of both hard drugs and lighter narcotics might start to flourish in outlying areas of the island.

The five people who were arrested in raids in Son Banya and in Son Ferriol in the early hours of last Saturday morning were in court yesterday afternoon to explain the discovery of heroin, cocaine, cash, firearms and jewellery.

The police raid, Operation Guaraná had been aimed against the three main gypsy clans most responsible for drug dealing in the suburb, namely the “Ove”, “Ico” and “Sansito” families. A National Police spokesman highlighted the importance of keeping a track of firearms that are sold on the black market as their free circulation is “extremely dangerous.”

Such arms have been used in Palma for personal vendettas and the killing of rival drug barons.