FOR the first time, Palma's municipal cleaning company, Emaya, has set up a cleaning task force specially created to tackle the mess made by street party drinkers along the Playa de Palma.

Emaya president, Cristina Cerdó said yesterday that the move is for the benefit of both residents and tourists and aims to stop the degradation of an area which has a distinct character all of its own of which local people are proud. Emaya claims that the huge amount of rubbish which is left behind by young people who band together for late night street drinking parties is tarnishing the local image.

The task force starts its clean-up process by two operatives picking up rubbish from the area by hand, and then they in turn are followed by another two in a lorry carrying 10'000 litres of recycled water. Dirt is then cleaned off the roads and pavements with hoses. The clean-up operation will be in action from 11.30 pm to 2am along the stretch of seafront beginning at Plaça Meravelles.

Separately, Emaya are further promoting a “keep the coast clean” culture by installing 120 selective rubbish containers (dividing waste into glass, plastic and tin containers, and paper and cardboard) along the Playa de Palma following the signing of an agreement with beach management company, Mar de Mallorca.


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