Deya.—A team environmental technicians was yesterday in Banyalbufar beach to study the possibility of reopening the beach to the public after a landslide a few weeks ago.

According to the local Council two things will have to be considered after they receive the feedback from the team.
The first will be to open the beach in the next few days after some minor safety measures are put in place, with the Council willing to support the cost of those measures, or to keep the beach closed until next Summer, after some more in-depth refurbishment works are carried out.

Local Mayor Matey Ferra explained that the second option is currently the one with the highest probability of happening since opening the beach for just a few weeks, and with the Council's budget extremely limited, spending a considerable part of it for half measures would be “throwing money away”.

The Council said they would analyse the report from the technicians and take their findings into consideration before they submit it to the Coastal authorities and its respective government department. “We have a verbal agreement with Madrid (where the central government is based) that they will allocate a team just to deal with this situation, so that the beach can be opened in 2014. “We want to make sure that everything is in place and all health and safety measures are taken so it's completely safe for citizens to use Banyalbufer beach,” Ferra added.

Early studies showed that the protection barrier around the beach is extremely deteriorated and poses a threat to users.