THE Balearic government has sent an open letter to all guests in hotels on Majorca reassuring them that they need have nothing to be concerned about following the ETA attacks on 30th July in Palmanova and last Sunday in Palma. “The island has now returned to being a peaceful and safe haven in which you can feel sure of having an unbeatable holiday,” reads the text of the letter, calming fears about Basque terrorist activity on Majorca that ended the life of two young Guardia Civil officers and caused chaos with bomb alerts in bars, toilets and carparking.

Included in the message is a telephone number that visitors can ring if they want to be updated about current events on the island or to seek advice about health and safety issues. The number is free and can be reached from overseas. Information, which is constantly being updated, is available in English, German, Catalan and Spanish, said the Ministry for Tourism yesterday.