THE Balearic Post Office has requested 20 new four-wheeled vehicles and 55 motorcycles, to renew its fleet and improve the service.
A spokesman said that they wanted to withdraw old vehicles or those in a poor state of repair, and have enough vehicles to cover the new jobs in the delivery department which are being created. At the moment, the Balearic Post Office has a fleet of 51 four-wheeled vehicles (lorries, vans and cars) and 381 two wheeled vehicles (125cc vespas and 50cc motorcycles). On Monday, the central office in Madrid announced that it was increasing its fleet by more than 1'360 vehicles.
Over the past two years, it has replaced 43 per cent of its four-wheeled vehicles and 24 per cent of the two-wheeled vehicles.
The spokesman said that the new vehicles would not only lead to an improvement in the service, but would also improve safety and working conditions for staff.