Dear Sir,
I WOULD like to express my gratitude to Selina Scott in raising awareness of the issue of animal welfare, or rather the lack of it, in Majorca.
Much as I love living on such a beautiful island, it shocks and saddens me to see the way animals are treated and the dreadful fate that awaits them if they are lost or abandoned.
This summer alone I have homed 15 kittens, 5 of which were thrown in a bin alive and the rest were saved from being hit over the head and thrown in a bin.
Thanks to the help of my local vet (who didn't charge me for everything) and the kind people who offered them loving homes, they now have a chance.
Centro Canino and other refuges that try and home animals rather than put them to sleep, do a wonderful job, but the sheer number of animals needing help means they can't do the impossible.
I would therefore implore the Government to allocate more funds and resources to put an end to this unnecessary suffering, because the animals don't have a voice.
Thank you.
Mandy Racine, by e-mail.
Selina Scott and Animals
Dear Sir,
FIFTEEN years ago I visited Majorca for my first holiday abroad. It should have been idyllic but it wasn't. After a week I was desperate to return home. The reason? Animals and their plight. Starving cats, dogs chained for life. I stayed near a small village and saw too much. It took me a long time to get over it but I was assured that over the years conditions for animals had improved.
Today, a friend returned from a trip to Majorca with a copy of the Majorca Daily Bulletin (Sun-Mon, August 13-14) and I have read Selina Scott's account of animal welfare. It's shattering to think nothing much has changed. Surely the Majorcan Governement could do something to stop the suffering.
They want tourists to bolster their economy but I am sure there are many tourists like me who will stay away until something positive is done for the island's animals.
Did you know that, coincidentally, a similar plea has appeared in the letters page of the Mail on Sunday here in the UK? Under the title “Who will save the Dogs in Chains” a lady who had just returned from her holiday on the island was so distressed after seeing dogs tied up to short chains and fed only three times a week that she was moved to write to a national paper in the UK.
I agree with Selina. Majorca's cruelty to its defenceless creatures should be exposed and stopped.
Linda Day, Bristol


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