A THIEF has yet again broken into the Parish Church in Andratx and on this occasion made off with between 2'000 and 3'000 euros from a strong box and a separate amount of 800 euros.

A first analysis of the situation is that the robbery actually took place on Wednesday last week and almost certainly in the early hours of the morning under cover of darkness but the caretakers did not discover the crime until yesterday when they opened the church to prepare for Mass and duly reported it to the Guardia Civil.

It would seem the thief broke in through a kitchen window and made his way through to the vestry. It would also seem he knew the territory well because he was then able to locate the keys to the strong box which were kept well hidden. He also knew where to look for the separate amount of 800 euros which was kept as an emergency fund. Fortunately, the thief may soon be located as on the way out he stopped to eat and drink in the kitchen, leaving plenty for the forensic scientists to analyse.


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