By Humphrey Carter

A leading Majorcan UFO expert yesterday contacted the Bulletin in response to the letter published last week regarding a light in the sky over Soller and it appears that reader Joe Wise is not alone.

The northern coast, in particular the Soller area, is well known for its high level of paranormal activity and over the years, there have been numerous UFO sightings reported over Soller and a series of investigations carried out by some of Spain and Europe's leading experts.

However, over the past few years there have been few sightings and paranormal activity has been very quiet. Until last week that is. According to a leading experts who lives in Deya, a large number of sightings were reported in the Canary Islands at the start of last week and on Monday, a very slow flying spherical object was seen over Deya before travelling out to sea.

In fact, the luminous white sphere was spotted on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at around 11pm.
The investigator told the Bulletin yesterday that the white light would suddenly come on, and start to move very. very slowly over the area and out to sea and would have been clearly visible from Soller as well.

On the Thursday night, the last time the UFO was reported, the main sphere was apparently followed by a slightly smaller luminous object.
The expert said that the sightings had nothing to do with last week's San Lorenzo night of shooting stars. “We know how to tell the difference and we have already ruled out most plausible explanations,. While in operation, on clear nights you could see the space station, from here and we're certainly not talking about a satellite. “The light was moving far too slowly to be a star and I've checked with the planetarium and the Puig Major control centre and they can't explain the lights either,” the investigator said. “I did not take photographs because I did not want to lose the sighting, but, to follow up the letter you published last week, we would like to hear from anyone else who saw the lights and may have taken some moving or still images of the UFOs. “We think we may be at the start of a new wave of paranormal and UFO activity here in Majorca and other parts of Spain,” she added.


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