THE Balearic Interior ministry has issued a Yellow Alert weather warning through its Emergency department as a result of particularly high temperatures forecast for Majorca. These are expected to last at least until tomorrow.

The National Met. Office said yesterday that the Yellow Alert, with its level of seriousness described as IG-0, relates to conditions that occur regularly but which are potentially dangerous.

This particular level of alert is triggered when the probability of risk to public health is low, between 20 and 40 percent. In such circumstances, the Emergency department has made recommendations to people working out of doors in hot conditions that they stop activity when they feel that the heat is affecting them and take rapid preventative measures. Particularly hard work, says the Department should be carried out only during the coolest hours of the day; workers should drink plenty of water (a small glass every 15 or 20 minutes according to amount of perspiration lost) and wear light, absorbent clothing. It is also advisable, said the Department to wear a hat when working, take frequent short breaks in the shade, eat plenty of salad and fruit regularly and avoid caffeine and alcohol. The Department said that those who need to wear sun cream should choose a high protection factor and spread it on 30 minutes before going out in the sun. It simultaneously urged that special care and attention be given to children and the elderly as well as animals.