STAFF REPORTER FROM a weather standpoint, the Balearic Islands are having one of the most unusual summers in recent years, the National Weather Agency (AEMET) said yesterday.

Spokesperson, Maria Jose Guerrero, explained that the peak summer months have not brought with them any of the traditional “heat waves” and the first fortnight of August has been colder than average.

For years, she furthered, it hasn't rained over the public August holiday and within just five days, temperatures in some parts of the Balearics have plummeted by between 8 and 10 degrees.

Guerrero acknowledged that summer storms which refresh the atmosphere are to be expected but not the radical change in temperature.
She added that although August continues to be rather colder than normal, last month was slightly hotter than average, but not excessively so. She said that temperatures in the Balearics have not gone up above 36 degrees Centigrade this year, a maximum which was registered for some days in July. There have also apparently been more cloudy days than would normally be the case in high summer, particularly at the start of August.

In the short term, Guerrero gave reassurances that after this spell of colder, more unpredictable weather peters out at the end of this week, the Balearics can look forward to an initial return to “comfortably hot” summer conditions.