STAFF REPORTER HOTELS in Palma are the second most expensive in Spain after San Sebastian, price watchdog www.trivago.es reported yesterday. One night in a hotel room in Palma will cost an average of 145 euros, not far behind the price of 172 euros to be expected in San Sebastian but well above the national average of 99 euros.

At a national level, hotel room prices have fallen by 3 percent in comparison to August 2009 when the average stood at 102 euros.
According to Trivago, after San Sebastian and Palma, the third most expensive hotel prices in Spain can be found in the city of Santander where they are 144 euros for the night.

At the other end of the scale, the cheapest rooms can be found in Murcia and in Zaragoza where guests pay an average of 54 and 57 euros respectively per night.

Price differential throughout Spain is highly varied with the average cost of a hotel room having soared by 19 percent in Barcelona and in Santiago de Compostela by 25 percent, whilst costs have nose-dived in Murcia by 18 percent, in Valencia by 11 percent and in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands by 8 percent.