REPRESENTATIVES of the Playa de Palma's businessmen's association told Maria Antonia Munar, president of the Council of Majorca, yesterday that a “radical reconversion” of the popular resort was essential to raise standards and get rid of obsolete hotels. Its chairman, Joan Nadal, said that the 101 proposals recently put forward were just a first step but “reforms must go beyond that.” He told Munar that something had to be done immediately, as the area was run down. His association was set up three months ago and has 40 members connected with restaurants, clubs, shops and car hire firms. Nadal said that reforms should be planned for the next 40 or 50 years and should clearly define the leisure, residential and hotel areas as “it has been proved that they cannot share the same space.” As to the plans for a shopping and leisure centre at Ses Fontanelles, he said that his association was in favour as “commerce on the Playa de Palma should evolve.” He added that what could not continue was a row of souvenir shops along the beach which had been selling the same things for the past 20 years. “Commerce must evolve in every direction, and if there are better shops, this will benefit the area,” he added.
Nadal explained that the visit to Munar had been to introduce the new association, as the Council is responsible for development.
He added that every sector should be represented in the process of redeveloping the Playa de Palma “and we are prepared to collaborate with everyone.” A consortium including members of the administrations, traders, unions and residents, has already been set up to draw up plans, which will take into consideration the 101 proposals which have already been received.


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