IN the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Majorca, police are assessing security in bars and restaurants on the island and, if necessary, giving advice to owners on how it can be improved.

Antoni Mas, the President of the Majorcan Restaurateur's Association, confirmed yesterday that the recommedations being given by the security forces were individualised according to the installations of each premises, such as the sealing of trap doors and hatchways and the closure of false ceilings. Some establishments are locking their toilets and only handing over keys to clients when asked.

Mas said that the police visits are in addition to the checks that are made annually in bars and restaurants prior to the visit of the Spanish royal family. Security forces also keep a watch on people coming to rent houses in Palma close to the time of the arrival of the royals, as well as on the personnel who are hired by some companies in the capital.

Mas, who runs the well-known bar Lírico in Palma said that separately from the upgraded security at a general level around the island, there has been what he described as “intense” police activity in central Palma and in the area of Sa Llotja following the murders and bomb attacks committed by the Basque terrorist group.