By PIA WALTER A YOUNG puppy was apparently ‘accidentally' put down on Tuesday at Palma's Municipal dog pound, Son Reus, while its new owners were already on their way to collect it.

Policy at Son Reus states that each animal found without an identification chip, has a mandatory stay of 12 days at the shelter, allowing time for their owner to collect them.

After 12 days, the dogs are put up for adoption for a further 7 days, before they are put down.
There is a waiting list for each dog on which Bettina Niedermueller, a German resident of Majorca, was number three. “I lost my own dog recently and I was finally ready to adopt again. I went to Son Reus on August 5th and fell in love with this tiny creature with a broken leg,” Bettina told the Bulletin. “On Monday I went back to Son Reus to check if the three-month-old puppy had been adopted. He was still there and at 1pm I was told that if nobody showed up until 1.30pm, we could take him home as of 9.30am the next day. My husband and I were so excited. We started making all the necessary preparations.