Palma.—It remained unclear how the fall, suffered by a baby of British nationality, took place in Portals yesterday.
The impact left the baby unconscious and a visibly distraught mother, crying and screaming for help.
A number of people in the area at the time of the fall rallied round the mother, attempting to call for emergency assistance.
Seeing that the incident was highly serious and realising there wasn't a moment to be lost, a passer-by left the Port area heading in the direction of the old Calvia road where he managed to locate a police Traffic patrol. Officers, using radio equipment to call for advance assistance, headed immediately for the location described by the passer-by, quickly finding the desperate mother with her gravely injured child.

Fortunately, one of the officers had perfect command of English and did what he could to calm the woman. Meanwhile, colleagues set the sirens blaring and set off with the victim and mother in the direction of Son Espases hospital in Palma.

Medical teams at the hospital were briefed by phone ahead of arrival so that when officers and their charges pulled into the Emergency unit, there was a full team of doctors ready to take action.

After some hours of intensive care, the medics succeeded in stabilising the victim.