STAFF REPORTER A TRAFFIC accident on the Llucmajor motorway at lunch-time yesterday resulted in three people being slightly injured and tailbacks stretching for kilometres.

The chain collision involving three vehicles happened at Can Pastilla's exit no. 8. Initial investigators reported that an Audi was hit from behind by an Opel which in turn was struck with force in the rear by an all-purpose vehicle.

Emergency services received a string of calls through their 112 help line resulting in the Traffic division of the Guardia Civil, Firemen from Palma and ambulance services all rushing to the scene.

The vehicles which had been involved in the crash were strewn right across all lanes of the motorway running in the direction of Llucmajor and in no time at all there was a tailback of vehicles stretching several kilometers into the distance.

The queues meant that the emergency services had some difficulty in reaching the scene of the accident. Firemen managed to rescue a 53-year-old man who had remained trapped inside one of the vehicles.