Palma.—On Friday, the Ministry for Tourism is going to open negotiations with the mayors of the municipalities most affected by residential tourism while senior members of the Partido Popular said yesterday that, in order to find an amicable solution, they want to find common consensus in the best interests of the Balearic tourist industry.

The PP's spokesperson for tourism, Lourdes Bosch, said yesterday that the government is not ruling out modifying the law in order to resolve the residential tourism debate.

Bosch said that since the new general Tourism Law was introduced in July of last year, 2'000 holiday homes have been regulated in the Balearics, the equivalent of 15'000 bed spaces. “But, in finding a solution to the problems suffered by certain sectors of the tourist industry at the hands of residential tourism we intend to talk to all parties involved and take it one step at a time,” she stressed.

According to the opposition Socialists, there is a huge loop hole in the new tourism law which excludes a number of holiday homes which do not need to be regulated.

Socialists MP Biel Oiver claimed that the government favours a ban as opposed to regulation.