Joan Collins JUST two ports out of all those managed by the Balearic Government have opted out of adapting to the new Ports Law. This will oblige ports to relinquish any mooring concessions they have at the moment once they reach the end of their term. The only two ports which have opted out of this are the ports of Colonia de Sant Pere in Majorca and Cala en Bosch in Minorca. The other 26 mooring areas belonging to the Balearic Government have chosen to accept the new law, which means that any company holding a mooring concession will now have to pay 20 times more money to the Balearic Government. The Balearic Minister for Public Works, Mabel Cabrer, calculates that the acceptance of the new Ports Law means that the Balearic Government's income from mooring concessions will go from 400'000 euros to 9 million euros per year. Cabrer explained that the first moorings to be adapted to the new law will be those which have already reached the end of their term. In putting them out to tender the new rules for the amount the concessionary company will have to pay will be imposed. However, the Minister explained that article 49 of the Ports Law made it very clear that the concessionary companies will not be able to pass on this rise in the amount they pay to the Balearic Government in higher mooring fees. If a company wanted to increase the price of their moorings, they would have to obtain the permission of the Balearic Ministry of Public Works. Cabrer said that the application of this Law had calmed the initial fears which it had caused in this sector.