Organisations responsible for the fight against forest fires in the Balearics yesterday held another top agenda meeting at the Palma-based offices of the central government representative in the Islands. In the light of a recent spate of fires across the island, the key aim was to develop a preventative and investigative work programme established at the beginning of August. Success of the exercise is dependent upon collaboration from the special corps of the Guardia Civil overseeing areas of natural habitat (Seprona); from the Ministries of the Interior and the Environment; of local and national police forces; and of civil protection groups. In a communiqué, state administration confirmed that during the last week, no further forest fires had been reported in the areas that were “under special observation” which include Na Burguesa and the triangle of land bordered by Sant Joan, Villafranca and Porreres. These districts had been the scene of numerous fires.
The next meeting of these representatives will be held on September 2, and in the event of important new light being thrown on the causes of recent forest fires, a representative from the office of the Public Prosecutor will also attend. Arson can incur penalties of between 10 and 20 years in prison if fires are started that threaten personal safety.
It is believed that several fires in Na Burguesa, particuarly in the Bonanova area, had been started deliberately, and the police are reported to be close to an arrest.


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