THE death toll on Balearic roads has risen by five per cent this year, to 81 victims in 71 traffic accidents, compared to the same period last year.
According to the Regional Traffic department, 29 of those killed in car accidents this year were under 25 years of age, nearly 36 percent of the total. In Majorca, 60 people died on the road (74 percent of the total of the Balearic Islands); in Ibiza, 12 (14.8 percent) and on Minorca, 9 (11.1 percent). he most common causes of fatal accidents were due to drivers losing concentration and feeling drowsy (22 percent of accidents resulting in fatalities), followed statistically by people driving too fast (18.5 percent), bad judgement in overtaking, carelessness on the part of pedestrians, and failing to halt the vehicle at “Stop” and “Give way” signs (8.6 percent in each case). The Regional Traffic office added that there were a further 11 road accidents this year resulting in fatalities (13.5 percent) which were due to reasons other than already mentioned.