RESIDENTS of Secar de la Real have called on the Council of Majorca to step in and stop construction of a hospital at Son Espases, as the chief planning authority on the island. They claim that the hospital, which will replace Son Dureta, will “destroy the heritage of the municipality.” The dispute over the hospital led to violent clashes during the annual pilgrimage from city hall to the Monasterio de la Real, which was led by Mayor Catalina Cirer, last month. A spokesman for the committee which is leading opposition to the hospital said that “the Council of Majorca can stop construction. If it doesn't do so it is because it doesn't want to and because it has other interests.” He added that they will seek an interview with Council of Majorca president Maria Antonia Munar even though, in the committee's opinion, “she has washed her hands of the matter up to now.” The spokesman said that the Balearic government had also turned deaf ears to their demands, as had the Palma city council which is backing the construction.