By Humphrey Carter AN investigation has been opened into the death of a 20-year-old British holidaymaker late on Sunday night. Gareth Wells from Birmingham was rushed to hospital at 9pm on Sunday after falling ten metres from a balcony of a Magalluf hotel. He tragically died just hours after reaching hospital and yesterday the Guardia Civil returned to scene to investigate the cause of the fall. It is understood that the 20-year-old was with two other people on the fourth-floor balcony and was leaning against the balcony railing when a piece apparently gave way and he plunged ten metres into a narrow passageway where he got trapped.

Sources close to the investigation said yesterday that the victim was a large 20-year-old and fire fighters had to work hard and fast to lift the victim out of the passage way and onto a special ambulance bed.

Paramedics treated the victim for an hour at the scene.
At first, the 20-year-old was still conscious and had not caused any serious damage to his vital organs, but his condition apparently deteriorated rapidly and he was rushed to Son Dureta hospital in Palma.

The autopsy results revealed that Gareth Wells died of traumatic shock.
Yesterday, the Guardia Civil handling the investigations questioned the two people with whom the victim was when he fell and, according to sources close to the case, it appears that the victim had consumed drugs.

Only last month, a 22-year-old from Newcastle fell from a fifth floor balcony in an apartment block in the holiday resorts.
The healthy footballer with a promising future will tragically never walk again.