Palma.—The current Balearic President, José Ramón Bauzá came under fire yesterday from his predecessor, Socialist leader Francesc Antich, who said that the present Partido Popular government is creating social arlarm in the region by publicizing the extent of public debt.

Speaking at a press conference alongside his former Finance Minister Carles Manera, Antich alleged that Bauzá is reporting “false figures” in his assessment of how the economy of the Islands was handed over to him after elections in May this year.

Antich, who is now a Senator representing the Balearics in Central Government, said that the way that the current President is “bandying” these figures about is in no way helping the region emerge from the economic crisis or promoting employment. He said that Bauzá has gone one step too far in his efforts to “clarify the situation” to the public, and has instead created alarm. Antich said that the way forward was to reach consensus with other political parties and institutions, not reinforce differences. The ex President said that when Bauzá had first come to power he had been ready to act jointly in the interests of the Islands but this, Antich said, had gone by the board.