Palma.—Around 20 officers from both the National and Local Police were getting down to business yesterday in the Palma suburb of Son Gotleu, stopping and searching individual cars and questioning drivers. Stricter policing measures and presence were recently agreed between Palma's Mayor, Mateo Isern and the suburb's Orson Welles Residents' Association. The move comes in the aftermath of rioting by the immigrant community following the accidental death of one of their members.

The detailed operation was carried out principally alon g Calle Indalecio Prieto and Calle Santa Florentina. The Local Police checked that the documentation of the cars which were searched was fully up-to-date whilst the National Police scrutinised personal I.D. and checked vehicles to see if there were any drugs on board.

Municipal crane
As a result of the combined police efforts yesterday, five vehicles were towed away because they were found to be on the road without appropriate insurance. Meanwhile, 14 drivers were fined for various infractions of the law.

In a separate operation, it was reported yesterday that the Crime Prevention Unit of the Local Police were making their own checks in Son Gotleu from 14th to 18th September. They brought charges on 21 occasions, either for having found people in possession of drugs - or in one instance - of a firearm. The Unit checked the I.D. of 87 people during random searches.

Mayor Isern meanwhile, said yesterday during the presentation of a clean-up, maintenance and social cohesion programme that he is “not going to let Son Gotleu rot even further.” Security in the area is to be stepped up significantly.