SINCE 23 September, cinema screens in the Balearics have shown more than 1'200 feature clips promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol.
The programme forms part of a national educational campaign which includes the distribution of 15'000 free information packs amongst 150 establishments such as bars, cafeterias, gymnasiums, theatres and cinemas across the Islands. The sixth of its kind, the campaign will last until 7 October. It has been organised by several groups including the Beermakers of Spain and independent Consumers' Federations, in conjunction with the central government ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA). The feature clip being screened across the region aims to stress moderate consumption of alcohol by showing a youngster ordering several glasses of beer in a bar. His drinking is clearly anything but responsible and soon, a super-imposed image of foam starts to appear out of the top of head to the point where it becomes so heavy that he falls over on top of a table. The background dialogue incisively reaches out to those who are most at risk: the young. The information pack depicts beer as a drink deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture, but one not to be abused.