GUARDIA Civil traffic police will launch a new two-week crackdown on speeding.
This latest offensive will start on Monday with the principal aim of reducing the number of serious accidents on the Balearic roads.
Guardia Civil traffic police sources explained yesterday that speed traps and spot controls are going to be set up at many of the worst accident black spots across the region during the campaign and that the very latest technology is going to be used to either “trap and stop” on the spot and track and later notify offending drivers. Most of the spot checks will be clearly indicated to approaching motorists, but some will be hidden.
The campaign is not a deliberate attempt to catch as many offending drivers as possible but encourage drivers to proceed with due care and attention and obey the traffic laws. Since the new driving licence points system was introduced this summer, the number of accidents has fallen slightly in the Balearics and across the country but the authorities want to see the numbers reduced further. Over the next two weeks, the Guardia Civil across the country plan to speed-check some 100'000 vehicles a day - a total of 1.5 million overall. “Double the lanes, double the precaution” is the slogan of this latest road safety awareness drive and the campaign is going to involve blanket publicity in all forms of media at regional and national levels. During July and August this year, after the introduction of the points system, apart from a decline in the number of accidents and road deaths, the average speed of drivers fell by between three and four percent.