By Peter Bolton

PRESIDENT of the Council of Majorca Francina Amengol, yesterday contacted Mary Alice Campbell Chatham, a part-time resident of the island, to wish her a happy 101st birthday.

The Bulletin reported yesterday that Chatham, who was born in the US State of Missouri in 1908, was celebrating her 101st birthday with family and friends at her flat in Palma.

Council President Amengol learned of the achievement when reading the paper and contacted the Bulletin to get in touch with her. Her office said that it was in the process of sending a card to congratulate her on her 101 years and to wish her all the best.

Chatham has been spending half the year on the island since 1965, when her son moved here after discovering Palma by chance. She spends the other half of the year with her daughter in Cape Cod in the US State of Massachusetts.

She becomes one among just a handful of people on the island to have reached such an old age.