BY the end of September this year, the number of foreigners with a registered address in Spain rose to 4'715'757, reported Central Government's Employment and Immigration ministry yesterday.

The figure represents an increase of 1.96% (90'566 people) in comparison with the previous quarter of the year ending in June, and one of 10.31 percent (440'936) when compared to the same month in 2008. The Immigration department reported that 2'519'115 of these non-Spanish nationals (53.49%) are men and that they outnumber women in all provinces except in the Spanish city of Melilla in North Africa, in Seville and in Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

The foreign group which has the highest presence in Spain are the Moroccans (718'174) followed by the Romanians (728'500) and Ecuadorians (441'455). Following down the list are people from Colombia (288'255), the British (221'073) the Chinese, the Italians, Bulgarians and Portuguese. Of the total number of immigrants in Spain, 38.86 percent are originally from another member state of the European Union, 30.71 percent are from Latin American countries, 20.84 percent from Africa, 6.28 percent from Asia and 2.84 percent from European countries which do not belong to the EU. There is a small percentage from Norh America (0.43%) and from Oceania (0.04%).


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