Staff Reporter

DEMAND for electricity dropped by two percent in the Balearics on Thursday night during the five minutes of the big “switch off” called for by various associations and institutions to make people aware of the consequences of climate change.

According to sources at Gesa, (the Gas and Electricity Board) the greatest support for the switch off was on Minorca, where demand dropped by four percent. This same source said that the fall in demand had not presented any difficulties for the supply network.

They added that the support for the switch off on the islands was similar to the last one called for by environmental organisations which was also motivated by climate change last year..

On Majorca, the fall in electricity demand was of 1.8 percent, while on Ibiza and Formentera it was one percent.
The Gesa spokesperson said that, in total, minutes before the 8pm deadline, demand went from 876 megawatts to 860 during the five minutes of the switch off. Gesa also said that yesterday, during the day, there was an increase in electricity consumption on the islands due to the drop in temperatures.

In accordance with the company's figures, in 24 hours demand went from 820 megawatts to 880 megawatts average.
The switch off called for by 50 environmental entities and organisations also had the backing of Palma and Ibiza councils, the Island councils of Majorca and Ibiza, the Balearic Government, and the Balearic Parliament.