Lluc.— The owner removed the barrier after the Council of Majorca gave him formal notice that they are opening up the section of the road running across his property to the public.

He was officially requested to take down the barrier prior to 21st November because it has been considered as one of the most hotly contested by Right of Way groups along the old Lluc to Pollensa road.

If the barrier on the Empeltada estate had not been withdrawn voluntarily, technicians from the Council of Majorca had the authority of Tax and Civil Service Councillor Margalida Roig to forcibly remove it.

The Council said that there were as many as 15 points on the road where diversions had been set up.
A number of Public Right of Way groups had threatened to tear down all barriers themselves if they had not been removed prior to this coming Sunday, 25th November, when an excursion along the route has been planned celebrating the “victory” of opening up the Lluc to Pollensa road.

In March 2009, a protest group had secretly removed the Empeltada barrier and deposited it at the doors of the Council of Majorca headquarters as a gesture of defiance against private property owners and against the lack of action by the Council of Majorca.

But now, the anger of the Right of Way groups had reached a point where they were prepared to remove any barriers which got in their way.
The former owner of the Empeltada estate had signed an agreement in September 2005 with the regional Environment ministry permitting a diversion of the dry stone route so that the public didn't cross private land.


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